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I Tarantolati di Tricarico, La taranta.
translated by Francesco Semisa

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After a long anthropological research, the greatest recording work of comes out, featuring sounds that become, somewhat unexpectedly, international hits, achieving great numbers.
Folk songs, nursery rhymes and current social issues as the suicidal tendency stemming from unemployment, traditional games and exorcism in wild dances, from the current tarantella to more ancient rituals such as the Aioresis, the swing as a ceremony, theme that inspired also De Andrè after visiting Tricarico (in the famous Ho visto Nina volare).
The image symbol of the record that always goes along with the band retains a strong emotional aspect: a woman with a spiral (symbol for the circular path of the regeneration) and a Taranta (primitive absorption, remains of ancient zoomorphic processes) on her belly, and wearing the typical hat of the traditional carnival of Tricarico: the mask of a cow.

Folk music

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Andamenare, dei Tarantolati di Tricarico
Tarantolati di TricaricoLa Taranta