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I Tarantolati di Tricarico, La taranta.
translated by Francesco Semisa

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Ancient ritual practices, Dionysian dances, magic drum beats and cowbell sounds… the archaic propitiatory ritual of an ancient pastoral society. Fusion of the Greek and the Italian cultures, that aims at delivering a striking show, an unforgettable event both artistic and cultural.


owe their emergence to the legendary Folk Studio based in Rome and directed by Giancarlo Cesaroni.
Since the release of their first LP, I Tarantolati distinguished themselves from other popular and folk music groups in the country for their great rhythmic potency, with an immediate impact, almost global in the way that it does not require an advanced technique, but it incorporates an attitude that any individual can perform simply by participating emotionally with any physical medium.
Below are some photos from the debut at the studio in Rome.

http://www.tarantolatiditricarico.org/image/Gallery/FolkStudio/big-folk-studio.jpg http://www.tarantolatiditricarico.org/image/Gallery/FolkStudio/big-folk-studio1.jpg http://www.tarantolatiditricarico.org/image/Gallery/FolkStudio/big-folk-studio2.jpg http://www.tarantolatiditricarico.org/image/Gallery/FolkStudio/big-folk-studio3.jpg http://www.tarantolatiditricarico.org/image/Gallery/FolkStudio/big-folk-studio4.jpg http://www.tarantolatiditricarico.org/image/Gallery/FolkStudio/big-folk-studio5.jpg

They played various sessions without any preparation, but relying simply on improvisation.
Most of the times, I Tarantolati drove the crowd to pure rapture, see Bruxelles 1978 : ROCK AGAINST RACISM. They also confronted themselves in Brasil with the Samba group of the First School of Samba in Rio de Janeiro.
The band is the combination of everything the ethnic music needs to express itself, but still retains those elements that have allowed it to differentiate for its originality at festivals and shows such as the International Festival of Music and Dance in Las Vegas, the Cous Cous Fest in San Vito Lo Capo, the international festival of popular folk musical Roma Incontra il Mondo (Rome Meets the World) at Villa Ada and the Blues in Town World Music.
First and only representatives of the ethnic culture and music in the world, I Tarantolati have been guests of the Italian Embassy in Bucharest, Romania, and in Russia, with the first international award of the Russian Music Academy, as well as worked in many supranational music projects, such as Sud Open Source and Greeting From Italy in Berlin, Germany.
Internationally acclaimed after the great success at the Womex Copenhagen and for the collaborations with the great personalities of Italian culture and show business, such as Dario Fò(Palazzina Liberty Milano), Roberto Benigni, Renato Carosone, Francesco Guccini, Francesco De Gregori, Il Canzoniere del Lazio, Nuova Compagnia di Canto Popolare, I Tarantolati were asked to participate to the official soundtrack of Mario Monicelli’s critically acclaimed movie Le Rose Del Deserto.
In the past few years, I Tarantolati di Tricarico have outdone themselves, performing shows that range from bright and brilliant performances to dark and subtle when required by the song structure and lyrics, allowing the listener to immediately sense the substantial quality provided by the band. Similar performances can be found in works such as Musical Sacre Terre, with Giovanna d’Amato as director and Pamela Vittoresi as supervisor, and E Fecero l’Italia, featuring the well-known Sicilian director Bibi Bianca.
I Tarantolati di Tricarico have been welcome guests and leading acts in many Italian TV shows, including Maggio Nocera Torinese at Rai1, Gatta Mammona at Rai2, Italia Bella Mostrati Gentile at Geo & Geo (Rai3), Sereno e Variabile at Rai1, all national channels of the Italian television.
Since inception, I Tarantolati have committed to create energy and tunnel it to the listener. Laic and pagan celebrations given back to crowds packed in squares who, under the inescapable austerity of the drum beat, carry on the disdain for the injustices suffered daily.
Direct reactions without any intermediary, songs sung with competence and played with precision, give the possessed the strength to hunt the Gatta Mammona (the mother cat, the perpetrator of every crime) and to save from oblivion the precious memories.
A sound that is also an event, a faithful act, survival and living matter. Around here, rapture lasts until dawn.


Tarantolati di TricaricoLa taranta since 1975