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I Tarantolati di Tricarico, La taranta.
translated by Francesco Semisa

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The folk musical tradition of our land, our roots, the treasures inside the chest of memory, they all are source of ispiration for I Tarantolati di Tricarico, the most roots-music famous group in Italy, that, 5 years after Andamenare, comes back with a new masterpiece filled with suggestive and fascinating sounds, in which the melos, folk spontaneous music preserved orally, mixes with the traditional rhythmic aspects. A melody that sticks to the authentic customs of the traditional Lucanian culture. Some sort of musical exorcism that recalls the ancient celebrations and exiciting dances in honour of Dionysus, god of fertility and patron of wine, thanks to the colors and hypnotic and energetic rhythm. Tracks from this album, especially Uno: Monte La Lune and Kate-katasce, are featured in the official sound-track of Mario Monicelli's film Le rose nel deserto, whereas Munakelle is featured in the ending credits of the film.

Folk music

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U-Squatasce, dei Tarantolati di Tricarico
Tarantolati di TricaricoLa Taranta